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Aged Restaurant

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About Social Media Retainer

wavedepth will provide social media management to Aged Restaurant. Ashraf Ali will serve as the primary creative and technical consultant. Below are the following services to be provided as needed:

Social Media Calendar

Create a social media calendar to post at least 3 times a week on Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Management

Manage the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account include responding to comments and inbox messages

Yelp Management

Manage the Yelp account including responding to reviews appropriately, keeping images fresh, and ensuring all descriptions and links are updated

Google Business Management

Manage the Google Business account including up to date images, descriptions, and responding to Google reviews

Bi-weekly E-mail Newsletters

Manage email newsletters including bi-weekly promos and specials via Mailchimp.

Aged Restaurant's Responsibilities


Updated images as needed on new menu items and specials


Restaurant status updates that need to be communicated across social media channels.

Menu and Service Changes

Provide an updated menu and any service changes, promos, and other aspects for reference

Email Lists

Provide email lists and login information for all relevant platforms


Respond on a timely basis for important restaurant customer questions that may arise

Your Investment

Aged Restaurant will pay $400 per month to wavedepth for the above-listed services, effective July 1, 2020. Any work request not covered above will be billed separately as agreed upon by both parties including but not limited to website updates, graphic design, and other work.

Monthly Retainer

Total: $400

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